Cost of Tankless Water Heaters in Atlanta

Water heater replacement in Atlanta always costs less when you replace with a tankless water heater because of the lower cost to operate the units and the more then double life expectancy of a tankless water heater vs. a traditional tank hot water heater. Atlanta Tankless Water Heaters in Atlanta gets the most competitive pricing per unit from Noritz, Rinnai, and Rheem which are all local to the Metro Atlanta area. Actual estimates for the cost of tankless water heaters from various Atlanta plumbing companies are able to be clicked on to the left. The minimum savings of having your tankless water heater installed by a licensed plumber through Atlanta Tankless Water Heaters is $1,000, but typical savings are generally $2,000-$3,500.  

Hot Water Heater Leaking? (If it's an electric water heater it may not cost you anything for water heater replacement in Atlanta with a tankless water heater. 

Your hot water heater leaking can be the result of 

  • a loose connection of the hot or cold water lines and would be seen as leaking from the top;
  • ​a failure of the T&P valve itself, or a leak from the T&P valve inidcating that it had to open because of excess pressure in the tank and would be seen as a leak at the location of the valve; or
  • a leak from the bottom of the hot water heater would indicate that there is an internal leak which is not fixable and is usually due to age or deterioaration.  

​Water Heater Installation in Atlanta - Pricing

Most people in Atlanta are surprised to find that the cost of buying and operating a tankless hot water heater is far less then a traditional electric water heater or gas water heater over the average life expectancy of a traditional hot water heater system. Please see our illustration of the cost of tankless water heaters vs. tradtional tank hot water heaters.   

Electric Water Heaters

Your average cost to operate an electric water heater at $65 per month exceeds the cost of purchasing and operating a new tankless water heater.  With our financing plan you can BUY a new tankless water heater and pay an average of $38 per month finance payment plus an average of $14 per month to operate the tankless water heater.For about $52 per month you can own and operate a new tankless water heater during the period in which you are making monthly payments on the purchase,  You save on the monthly cost of operating the electric water heater and have a new, tankless unit that can never flood your home or run out of hot water. Once the heater is paid off you are losing the $51 per month differential 

Gas Water Heaters

Your average cost to purchase and install a new 40 gallon water heater from a major plumbing company in Atlanta runs around $1,125.  The traditional tank gas hot water heater will typically have a yellow energy star prediction of gas costs that runs around $385 per year to heat and reheat the water in your tank, or about $32 per month of your energy costs, and that's when the tank water heater is brand new.  It loses about 10% efficiency per year as the sediment inside the tank builds up and towards the end of the life of the water heater the cost to heat and reheat the water in the tank has doubled.  The average cost of the larger size tankless coming in at $2,970 and running about $14 per month to operate. Therefore, during the  first ten years you have a differential in the cost of the traditional tank water heater of $4,975 vs. the tankless option at $4,660.  The average life span of a traditional tank water heater is about ten years, whereas it is about 25 years plus for most tankless units to provide endless hot water.  

Free Estimates

We are typically able to give you an estimate of the cost of replacing your water heater within 24 hours and have an installation of a new tankless unit or, in the case where that's not feasible, a traditional tank unit within 24 hours.  The fastest way to reach us is to call (404) 826-5537 which is (404) TANKLESS and/or fill out the contact us form and we will respond at our nearest available opportunity.  


"I easily saved $2,000 - $3,000 going with AtlantaTanklessWaterHeaters.Com....I would rate this whole experience on a scale of 1-10 as a 10."

"When I received your original bid, I was a little concerned to see that your bid came in thousands of dollars less than the competition. I was worried that the quality of the work would suffer and the job would not meet my satisfaction.  I was wrong.  Not only did I save thousands of dollars, I am satisfied with the work that was completed. I would be happy to recommend AtlantaTanklessWaterHeaters.Com to anyone looking to install a tankless water heater."

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Cost of Tankless Water Heaters-Why Do they Cost Less then Electric or Gas Hot Water Heaters?

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